Maine -> Minnesota!

The big move to the Northwoods!

In September of 2022, Brent and I made the tough decision to leave our friends in Maine and travel to be closer to my family in Minnesota. We now live in the Northwoods, close to Lake Superior and even nearer to Canada than we did before in Maine!

It was difficult to move our homestead across the country and we miss our Maine community very much, but we have been enjoying the snow of Northern Minnesota, and built ourselves a yurt to stay warm in. We will continue to sell our Maine-distilled essential oils while we still have them, and are thinking about traveling back to Maine to distill more in the future (we would love to visit our friends!). We are also excited to be able to offer some new Minnesota-distilled oils as we explore a new forest, particularly cedar and white spruce, which grow here in abundance! 


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