Why “Artisan” Essential Oils

We call ourselves artisan distillers because everything that we do is small scale, and done by hand, with care.

Pure, unadulterated oils

We never dilute our essential oils and we have invested in a completely stainless steel and glass setup, which are both inert materials that do not react with the essential oils, producing a clear, clean, end product. Everything we produce goes from plant material to bottle without changing hands. Transparency is important to us and we enjoy explaining our process (and making videos of it in the near future!) to anyone who is curious! Read more here.

Local processing = minimal carbon costs

As we have created our still setup to be mobile, we can transport it to be close to (if not at the location of) the plant material that we are distilling. Sustainability is also extremely important to us, and we try to utilize waste products (like logging slash) as much as possible when making our essential oils.

Not an MLM

Most of the large essential oil companies in the USA rely in Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) in order to sell their oils, which is a business strategy that we do not agree with, as it is one step removed from a pyramid scheme. Needless to say, we are not an MLM, and our company consists of only Brent and Maija and no additional distributers. 


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