Brent and Maija

Who are Brent and Maija?

We met in Maine while working in Maine’s fleet of historic wooden schooners. Both coming from ‘away,’ we fell in love with the rugged coast, nasty weather, and culture. We have created a tiny house farmstead on slightly under 4 acres, where we grow our own food (almost everything, we haven’t had much success with the hardy peanuts yet). Besides essential oils, we raise and sell lamb, garlic, and vegetables at local markets. We strive to do everything as locally as possible, both to minimize our impact in the world, and to keep the money we spend (or whatever we barter with) in the  community.


I have been growing and working on farms since I was a teenager. When not working, I love to go on adventures. Bicycle touring, sailing camping, canoeing, foraging, fishing. I spend most of my time growing food and then eating it though.


I love snow more than almost anything. I delight in hand-crafts, musical instruments, folk art, and all things Norway. I am perpetually torn between my satisfaction of growing all of our food and the need to constantly be on the move, searching for more places to explore in this world.