Hitting the ground running!

Dear Reader,

We are oh so excited to get our new 100% stainless steel still up and running. We are currently working the kinks out of it and distilling the branches of a magnificent field pine (a white pine, Pinus strobus), which was unfortunately growing directly in the winter sun south of our neighbor’s high tunnel (we are trying to console ourselves with the fact that the beautiful little apple tree growing next to the pine will flourish now without the sun competition). We upgraded from about a 10 gallon still (our previous still that we were using to get our business going) to a 55 gallon plant chamber, allowing us to process much more material in an efficient way. 

We are also working on rebranding, so if you are just finding us from our Etsy site or from word of mouth, we are officially the store which used to be called Maine Frog Song Farm. After much discussion, we decided that we needed a name that reflected our business more and, as we are planning to move a few miles away this year, we knew we couldn’t keep Frog Song forever. We will be sad to stop stamping the little violin-playing frog on letters, but we think that in time, we will grow to love The Essencers just as well.

The last announcement that is in the works is our plan to make YouTube videos of our distilling process! So as soon as we get used to our new still, we will be creating a video of the whole process. Look out for those, and thank you to everyone for the support!

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